Software Automation Engineer

2018-01-20 / Houston, TX

Utilize Soap UI for SOAP and RESTFUL Web Service Test Management for MVC (spring) based and other applications Analyze the application specific logs and automation result in UNIX. (Looking in to log files to understand the problem, Debugging and troubleshooting) using Docker and PUTTY. Using Firebug Tool to identify the Objectís id, Name, XPath, link in the application and to evaluate the XPaths. Develop MAVEN and GRADLE based build scripts to run Selenium Automation. Use Jenkins as continuous integration tool to schedule and run the automated test scripts and to start new build and analyze the logs of the Jenkins build. Extensive work on ATDD and BDD in agile methodologies, especially SCRUM, to ensure rapid iterative software development. Re-engineering of existing tools in Java like DB to XML Comparison, smoke test tool and updating the tools to execute in headless mode in Linux environment using XVFB and adding more functionality and by making the tool more efficient. Execute SQL Queries for backend testing in various RDBMS tools like IBM DB2, MS SQL Server etc. Using Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) for requirement analysis, scheduling, generating test cases and handling of defects. Create automation scripts for the functional user stories and regression suite and responsible for daily automation runs, failure analysis and reporting. Extensive work on creating of Modular Driven Framework using Selenium Web Driver. Develop and maintain the existing API automation scripts for testing of Application APIís. Create Record exported and played back tests (using Selenium IDE) for scripts that require immediate attention. Perform Black Box and Unit testing using Equivalence Partitioning analysis. Perform cross browser testing in Microsoft Edge, IE, Firefox and Chrome using Selenium and UFT (Unified Functional Testing). Design and implement the automation testing framework for use in validating new and existing component releases using Selenium Web Driver. Prepare knowledge sharing documents on the application, tools, and automation scripts developed as necessary. Develop/Implement headless mode using XVFB to execute automation script in Linux environment. Perform testing of VDI infrastructure with respect to automation on different Operating Systems. Execute SQL Queries for backend testing in various RDBMS tools like IBM DB2, MS SQL Server etc. Analyze and implement new tools like Swagger UI and SPRING FOX for testing RESTFUL Web Service in the organization.

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