Sr Data Scientist

2018-02-19 / Houston, TX

Develop and/or use algorithms and statistical predictive models and determines analytical approaches and modelling techniques to evaluate scenarios and potential future outcomes. Collaborate with Data Scientists to implement advanced analytics algorithms that exploit our rich datasets for statistical analysis, prediction, clustering and machine learning. Improve ongoing reporting and analysis processes, automating or simplifying self-service support for customers Extract data and prepare for the analytic modelling process. Perform analyses of structured and unstructured data to solve multiple and/or complex business problems utilizing advanced statistical techniques and mathematical analyses and broad knowledge of the organization and/or industry. Collaborate with business partners to understand their problems and goals, develop predictive modelling, statistical analysis, data reports and performance metrics. Develop and participate in presentations and consultations to existing and prospective constituents on analytics results and solutions. Interact with internal and external peers and managers to exchange complex information related to areas of specialization. Strong knowledge in algorithms and predictive models to investigate problems, detect patterns and recommend solutions. Use strong programming skills to explore, examine and interpret large volumes of data in various forms. Demonstrate proficiency in most areas of mathematical analysis methods, machine learning, statistical analyses, and predictive modelling and in-depth specialization in some areas. Strong knowledge of advanced analytics tools and languages to analyze large datasets from multiple data sources. Anticipate and prevent problems and roadblocks before they occur. Demonstrate strong ability to communicate technical concepts and implications to business partners.

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