Contact Swing

Out Product ContactSwing helps Organizations in the areas of Sales and Marketing where they will be used to send communications to the customer and will be able to provide predictive analytics based on modeling of the data received from customers.

ContactSwing helps in increasing the sales based on the predictive analytics provided by the tool which will help to make judgmental decisions at the right moment and right time.

Advanced Analytics

We offer time-time analytics which can be accessed at moment and anywhere. The data is based on the sales monitoring, activity made by the users and number of click on your advertising campaign. We also offer the best permium visualization. It means we give you the best experience, email optimization to grow your business.

Streamline your workflow

Our Campaign emailing system helps you in growing you business. Start your campaign as simple as drag and dropping things useful for your email. Choose that template that suites you business. Personalise connections, set auto responders and create milestones that simplifies your work. Use our smart targeting options to advertise your business and expand your reach.

Work for Success

Easily upload your email list from Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and more. We’ll handle the rest: unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails update automatically. You can also set a series of emial that can sent the customers from users automated list. Integrate emails to your social networks, real time activity sharing and plan for your business accordingly.

Analytics are performed to Tracking your messages in real-time. Our tools make understanding your vital stats simple so you’ll have the data you need to create messages that sell. From big picture tracking, to keeping an eye on just one individual’s click behavior, our reports can give your insight into how well your messages are performing. Sending E-mail don’t fall into spam traps or earn you a spot on Internet service provider blacklists. We get your email through when other service providers can’t. For additional confidence, we provide tracking data for your messages, so you can see our great email delivery in action.

Do more from your computer

We provide Auto Responders to stay in touch with your customers, conduct surveys using simple emails, Send offers and grow you business and even run events